by Trusty Sidekick

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CASSINGLE! was released on May 14, 2012 by Trusty Sidekick on cassette single.


released May 14, 2012

the contents of CASSINGLE!

were recorded by Elio DeLuca @ the Soul Shop in Medford, MA
Mixed by Elio DeLuca and Trusty Sidekick
Produced by Anthony Kaczynski and Trusty Sidekick
Mastered at Soundmirror in Jamaica Plain, MA.



all rights reserved


Trusty Sidekick Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: CASSINGLE!
Am I just a cassingle to you?
The new song you've been listening to?
A one hit wonder, a good time jingle for you?

Am I gonna be the tape that you leave on the floor
of that old rusty car that you ignore?
Sittin there in the driveway waiting to be towed away to the junkyard?

Like Right Said Fred did I'll jump in your head kid and stick with you there for the rest of your life.

I don't need no love potion, baby.
I don't need no knife.
I've got no conceivable notion of you
being my wife.

I'll be your cassingle.
You're good time jingle.

I'll do it in dub, I'll step it in dance
I'll do any fuckin version yeah I'll sing it in france.
you been talkin trash all over town
word got back that i'm a clown
and the glove fits
to my admittance
i'm way too old of a cat
to get scratched by a kitten

they were bang bang bangin on the plexiglass
leaving their stains trying to make it last
when I put in my token of sin
i'm the one who talked to you yeah I made you grin

well i took you from the cage at that zoo
i clothed you and i fed you and i put you through school
i made you who you are today
and after all that this is how you repay?

when you found that our love was built on a naked kiss
you charged right in
and your bullet didn't miss
it hit me in the gut
don't think you're gonna get away with this